Opening Week

The show finally arrived. And in all it’s glory gave us the excitement, surprises and storylines we were all waiting for.

So far in 2011 the Red Sox haven’t woken up, Texiera is starting off fast, Baltimore leads the AL East and Manny decided to walk away from the game.

That’s just one division.

The Reds are looking like The Big Red Machine 2.0, Lincecum and Halladay are in their regular form, Car Go is showing last year was no fluke, Kemp is back reminding SoCal it should be called Kempwood, not Mannywood.

Franklin, Rodney, Axford, Paplebon and the A’s Bailey relievers are reminding us no matter how good a closer you were it’s a new season and it’s a volatlie position.

Cruz goes long in his first four straight. the Brew Crew – thanks to Edison Volquez – start the 2011 campaign off with back to back jacks, first time since 1969.  Comming out of spring training Jake Fox reminds us the unwritten rules are still in effect. Anyone seen Jason Donald in the bigs lately?

Big Papi is scorching out of the gate.

Jamie Garcia pitches a complete game shutout in his first start. But really who could blame Tony for the call to stick with his dominant starter when his bullpen is a mess.

Pujols hit into three double plays in a single game. Never been done before, probably won’t ever happen again.

The Phillies are showing everyone their bats are not too old and to go along with thier stellar rotation, even without Mr. Utley. When he is able to come back that lineup and lineup depth is just scary good.

Florida has once again shown the entire league how to bring up prospects from their system. Sanchez, Stanton, Morrison have the makings for a very powerful 3-4-5 for a long time. Oh and you have to fit Hanely in there too. Make that 2-3-4-5 or 3-4-5-6 that will be raking for many many years to come.

Bryce Harpers debut in pro ball didn’t dissapoint. He even laid down a situation read bunt single to help his team win. This kid is saying and doing all the right things that should make anyone believe he not only has the tools but he knows what should be the most imporant thing to baseball players – your there to win. I’m sure in no time we’ll be learning how he’s a skip’s dream player. Willing and able to do it all. So much more than a long ball hitter. Get ready Washington. Your scouts are making the right picks at the top. The curley W’s are on the turnaround. I think we all can appreciate that.

The Giants welcome their home fans with some gold and dramatics. Thanks to the St Lou bullpen and some poor basket catching by Colby Rasmus the Giants keep the parade going in the Bay city to start 2011.

Alex Gordon and the KC Royals band are playing some good early ball.

I was really hoping to watch the Rays’ – Red Sox series this year. Now with Manny retired it got a little less interesting. It should still be good between two bottom feeders. We all know the distaste for each other. The storied past between these two teams. Now Damon’s a Ray and Crawford is a Red Sox. Should guarantee some fireworks. Even without Manny it will be armaggedon.

Sunday wraps the opening week tonight with the Yanks / Sox from Fenway. Should be a great way to end the week and get ready for week 2. As the regular Joe says in the Majestic BP jersey ad, Rip It!

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If the Playoffs Started Today

If the season ended after last nights games this is what we’d get.


Toronto vs. Texas                                                                                                                    Kansas City vs. Baltimore


Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati                                                                                                      Colorado vs. Philadelphia


Texas vs. Baltimore


Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia

World Series

Texas vs. Philadelphia


This started off as kind of a joke but by the end of it you can’t help but think that the NLCS and World Series games are both VERY possible!

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26oz. Flu

Yesterday Miguel Cabrera was reportedly sick during the Tigers game versus the Orioles… and get this: he threw up during the game but SOMEHOW managed to play through it and finish the game going 0-for with a strikeout and 4 men left on base.

Must’ve been some sort of home run machine hangover from his weekend at Yankee Stadium.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I really like Miggy, and am not usually one for piling on, but COME ON MAN… you’re making it way too easy.  I know all this off-season DUI stuff is going to go away, but this is going to make it stick around for just-a-little-bit-longer.

NOTE: the above is all hearsay and if you needed this note to tell you that then you’re reading the wrong blog.

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Welcome to the Show

Tape Measure Shot Baseball Blog

Baseball is America’s national past time. For baseball enthusiasts, it’s the only past time. As we watch the countdown on to opening day we start experiencing the beginnings of a new season.  The team and player reports, video highlights, box scores, injury reports, fantasy drafts, projections, camp cuts, commercials with Kevin Butler, ESPN 30 for 30 videos and even kangaroo court stories (if we can get our hands on any) all start infiltrating our social space at an increasingly rapid rate. Spring fever has set in.

All winter long we read books of inside tales and past glories. There is just never enough content. We remember what spring and summer represent. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the game we all escape to every spring seems like centuries past.

Once you’re immersed in baseball, there’s no turning back. It’s a rollercoaster of emotional highs, lows and all the while a stream of tranquility, like standing in center field on a bright July afternoon in the green grass, chewing on sunflower seeds, waiting for the next play to unfold, soaking it all in waiting in anticipation that the next can of corn is on its way to you. No traffic, no cell phones, no emails, no blogs, no chores, no commitments, no worries, no problems. Just you, your faithful glove, seeds, hat and shades. And the 8 other soldiers you are out there with enjoying every damn moment of it wishing it will never end.

At tapemeasureshot baseball, we look to capture the imagination, talk about the lore, the excitement, the pleasure, the pain and everything else we can about the game we live for.  Named in honor of the Mick and his famous shot in D.C. back on April 17, 1953 we look to write and share our views on the game that go beyond the box score, beyond the stats, the pulse and feel that we so often think about the game but usually keep to ourselves. The way Yankee publicist and marketing director Arthur E. Patterson so brilliantly created the platform for the excitement of a home run that is forever legendary. His quick reaction and relentless pursuit to blow the hell out of a story across America the way Mick used to blow the cover off a ball forever changed how baseball fans think of the long ball.

There is always stories that have emotional meaning and bring us all together through our passion for baseball, that’s what tapemeasureshot is all about. That’s what we will aim to write about.

This is the excitement we’re interested in. It’s the part of the game that elevates us all and brings us closer together. It makes the game human in a forever analytical myriad of statistical creations, trends and observation. Stats are wonderful and a great part of the game, but at tapemeasureshot, we’re looking for the rest of the game. The player codes, feats, leadership, goodwill, situational brilliance, organizational structure, managing styles, player and manager relationships, stadiums, colours, logos, mascots, fan experiences and the extraordinary moments all season long.

We look forward to the 2011 season and will share our baseball thoughts with anyone who wants to read it. Post your comments and share the stories with anyone you think will enjoy.

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